About Us

Having started in business in 1984, Ray Esmany took the passion for making chocolate decorations, statuettes, and “anything chocolate” from a hobby to a thriving small business at the top of its industry.  Experience, drive and determination has seen Ray change direction from making the edible products to now creating and selling the silicone moulds that once made the chocolate products.  This gave birth to the formation of Crystal Candy, which now has over 50 silicone moulds in its current range (and growing fast!) and has opened a whole new world upon which to release her creativity.

The moulds are conceptualized, designed, proofed, tested, and then finally they become ready for the world market.  The moulds are made of food grade silicone and are of the highest quality.  The end result is a finely detailed mould.

The moulds are very soft and flexible and can easily go from as high as 450 degrees to the freezer without affecting the mould! Unlike other silicone moulds ours are resistant to rips and tears! Best of all, they are odourless and nothing sticks to them. These are your perfect partner in creating stunning finishes, for years and years to come.