Read some of the lovely feedback we are getting:

Hi Ray.

I really would like to thank you for your patience and support regarding the Crystal Lace.  I followed your tips and "ta da!!!" it worked. The glycerine really helps to get the lace out of the mould, it's been so dry here in Potch that the drying time is about 3,5 hours midday and 8 hours over night. I've managed to complete three strips of lace without a hiccup... and I just wanted you to know... your product is really amazing and that it was experience that lacked.

Thank you again for being so "available" to us.

Have a great day.



Hi Ray,

I am absolutely bewitched with your products! They are so beautiful and so scarce here in the UK!

I am definitively interested in purchasing from you, I want to order the first of February 12 of your Cupcake mats and 1 of your brooches, this is not going to be the last time I purchase from you believe me.

Kind regards 


Hi Ray,

It was me!!!!!! I was so stupid! It did not dawn on me until I got home at 10:00 last night what I did! I looked at the package again and saw that I should have tripled the water. I thought the package was a 50g package not a 150g! So, I boiled more water and had to guess how much product was left (I wasted so much on trying to mold and then putting it in another container for storage) rebeat it and molded it last night. This morning, I had a beautiful lace mold! I still have to work on the bubbles but since I messed it up, I own it! Love the way it looks. If I didn't mess it up too much, I am hoping that they will be good until Friday sealed up.

Thank you again for your help. I don't know when I will ever learn not to work on new things when I'm tired! Of course, when you do cake, isn't that the norm? I will let you know how everything turns out. The wedding is Saturday evening.

It's been a pleasure working with you!



Hi Ray,

Wow Wow Wow!

Fantastic service! (Something that we in Kuruman are not used to!)

Will send you a photo of the wedding cake I'll be making for my own wedding the 13/4/13.

Thanx a mil.


Thanks Ray,

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service. Received my parcel yesterday afternoon.

Thank you. Will be placing another order very shortly.



Thank you Alex,

Will be in touch ASAP.

Your gems are the absolute best quality I have seen !




Great News!!!  My package arrived today.  I can't wait to use the molds and try out the Crystal Lace powder.  Thank you for working with me to get the package sent and thank you, too, for the lovely container of edible gems.

That was a lovely surprise.

Attached are 2 photos of cakes I made with the molds my husband got me earlier this year (your molds but from the Texas vendor).

Thanks again,
Chris Q


Hi Ray,

I hope all is well over your side of the world.

The crystal edible diamonds Michelle and I got are just beautiful !!

So beautiful that I have now almost sold out already and need some more if possible please in the next 3 weeks (we have a national sugarcraft guild conference that is attend by most of the guild members nationwide - so would love to have these to take there.



Thank you Ray ...

My daughter nearly fainted with excitement! She was waiting for me in the garage and would not go to Karate until she saw her invites!

I would tell you that you have outdone yourself but you already know you have! Thanks for a beautiful job!!!! There is now the next one to plan!

Best regards


Hi Ray,

... just want to thank you for your prompt AND efficient service on the edible diamonds. It is not often that you get service let alone efficient!!
I phoned (supplier) and they had in stock so I will get from them.

Please in the meantime can you mail me your full product list with prices?



Thanks Ray ...

Sold 14 vials already just having the box open unpacked
on the floor for less than an hour in one shop.

Such a superior diamond to what we used to buy.



Hi Lizelle,

I absolutely love your products, if you have a email list where you send out updates please add me to it!  I'm sure I will be placing an order again for mats as my cake decorating business begins to grow and I want to stay up to date with your products.  The use of your type of products has not yet
caught on around me in the US and everyone
is amazed when they see my work.

Thank you for making such a quality product!

Thank you,
Mary T


Dear Ray,

I was at the SAGDC EXHIBITION earlier this year
and I bought some Crystal Lace (icing) powder
and a couple of moulds at your stand, although I
was a bit skeptical because I had previously
used Sugarveil and found it rather frustrating.

However to my amazement, your Crystal Lace
worked superbly and the moulds created
stunning pieces! Now I'm kicking myself for not
buying more at the time! I live in Nigeria but I do
have a cousin in J'burg who can help me buy
the products and bring them when he's coming over.
So I'd like to know the prices of the following
items and what is the shelf life of the powder?

[6 products listed]
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.




Hi Ray,

... just want to thank you for your prompt AND efficient service on the edible diamonds.  It is not often that you get service let alone efficiency!!  I phoned (supplier) and they had in stock so I will get from them.

Please in the meantime can you mail me your full product list with prices?



Hi Ray,

Just wanted to drop you a quick mail to say thank you so much for the presentation yesterday at Berry.

You have a FANTASTIC product and can't wait to send
you my first order so I can start using it.
Need to decide which one to get first.
Very exciting. Will mail you soon.



Hi Lizelle,

They arrived and are Just beautiful,

Congratulations for the product. Excellent. I love them.

Everything was ok with the parcel. No problems in the Post Office,
just the usual internal delay.

This week I will order the new ones.

So, do I have to state in the obs to declare as samples,
or there is no need for that ? or do you usually
ship like the way I received ?

Best regards


Hi Ray!

I received my scatter diamonds today.

Thank you very much.

Your service was excellent and the quality looks very good.

Kind regards