Ribbon Lace - In Dual Colour


Making edible RIBBON with a two-tone or dual colour effect:

Place about 2 heaped teaspoons of the mixture onto the silicone mat. Use an appropriate spatula to smooth (pressure) the mixture into the design, moving the spatula in different directions, ensuring all crevices are filled.
Your final scrape should be from left to right with a touch of pressure, thereby removing all excess mixture from the surrounding areas. All artwork will now be filled with Crystal Lace.
Leave to set for a short while (30-45 minutes) – the mixture should be dry to the touch.

To make the second colour: Add a small amount of gel to your Crystal Lace mixture and mix....eg RED

Place a few teaspoons of RED Crystal Lace on your mat and smooth over your mat with your spatula. The red Crystal Lace should be just thick enough to conceal the original artwork.  So in effect a second layer is applied which is a solid layer.

Allow to dry.

Gently lift the edge of the RIBBON by flexing the mould, then carefully peel the mould away from the ribbon. Only continue the process if the ribbon separates easily from the mould, is not 'tacky' and does not stretch out of shape.

Place the ribbon on buttercream, chocolate ganache, or fondant covered cake. On a dry icing surface,  such as fondant, apply a scant amount of moisture on your fingertip to the back of the ribbon before placing onto the cake.

TIP: If you want a metallic coloured ribbon, make your first layer / artwork in one colour, eg WHITE, and when finger touch dry, brush over the whole mat with edible metallic powder. The powder will adhere to the mat and the Crystal Lace in the design.

Now apply the second solid coat of white Crystal Lace as per instructions and allow to dry.

The end result will be a beautiful ribbon with artwork in white and a background in shiny metallic.