Triumphal Renaissance Mould

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The Renaissance Collection is the first of our Themed Collections, which are made up of edging, patterns and shapes, swooshes and lace designs with the focus on a period or designs specific - so you will have a greater choice in your decorations - theming.

So here's your opportunity to take this "edge" offered and create a beautiful edible lace or decoration for your next project and dazzle your client/s.  Wedding cake decorations that are edible, colourful, detailed and intricate, patterned to suit your theme.  Now the rest is up to you.

Using light (white or cream) on dark (dark grey, charcoal) or vice versa, the choice is yours. Colours, blends, finishes - let your imagination run free. With these designs - and those coming soon - you will be able to create stunning cake finishes in Crystal Lace - only so much faster.

But don't stop with plain colours - use metallics, duo colours, and change the cake icing colour too.  This accentuates the lace itself.  Over to you now.

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