Swan Lake Doily Mould

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Enter our latest collection, The Doily Mat Collection.  These are destined to be top sellers as they are round – to fit well on the top of any cake – round or square, are finely detailed and are interesting too.

Finish your next cake and have your guests / customers talking about the intricate patterns and design.  But don’t stop there.  Allow your doily lace to drape over the cake, or use half a doily for the side pattern, much like a rising sun.  Starting with the ever-popular design – much as we knew about when growing up – is the Vintage Doily – easily recognizable. Only now it is edible lace on your cake, accentuated with a pastel coloured cake icing to bring out the brilliant white Crystal Lace.

The first 3 designs – Vintage, Swan Lake and Bouquet.  Enjoy creating with them!

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